With all the devices available to us, video is becoming one of the most engaging methods of reaching your customers.

Corporate Videos

The bottom line is that corporate video production services can be a critical tool for announcing new products or services, communicating with clients or customers, training employees, and updating product or service information. If you have been searching for the right service, the experience and quality of videos that Catalyst Digital Group has produced over the years speaks for itself. Working with any industry, we strive to do our research prior to the production to best understand the intended audience, the content of the message and the goal of the video. Catalyst Digital Group will collaborate with your organization to customize and develop the right video for your requirements.

Aerial Videography

Catalyst Digital Group captures close range aerial video and photography via UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). These highly maneuverable advanced remote-controlled aircraft are also known as Multicopters or Drones and when piloted by our pilots they create specialized close-range aerial media for clients around the world, designing unique flight paths over land, water, sand, snow, through wooded areas or even inside structures. This technique often achieves several marketing goals simultaneously: aerial coverage efficiently displays expansive or complex terrain, shows angles customers have never seen before and creates a, “wow, how did you do that?!” buzz.

Aerial videography isn’t our hobby. Drone based aerial media is our expertise. Flying Drones enables Perlow Productions to deliver Aerial Video and Aerial Photography images that captivate viewers with sweeping vistas and soaring perspectives of buildings, campuses, events, resorts and more. We boast a team of experienced & talented aerial videographers.

Drones / UAV / UAS aircraft are light weight, battery powered and they fly like a helicopter with vertical flight, quiet, with four, six electric or eight motors. This flying platform is for a new type of creative aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast. Perspective is everything. Aerial perspectives reveals things that were unseen. The angles we can achieve and places we can fly these captivate and amaze! Video production will never be the same. Real Estate developers show views from floors yet to be completed.

Simply put, we can fly where no one else can… and when no one else can. For example, we can take off a moment’s notice. A monitor feed from the drone offers live view, instant play back and quick download of media on location. Our close range flying camera system can also fly through narrow areas such as city streets (when permitted) or natural obstructions at low or high altitudes. Catalyst Digital Group can also fly closer to subjects and perform shots too dangerous for large aircraft. Our system is also excellent for chase shots. It’s a great alternative to SpiderCam or a Jib and takes less time to set up.

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